Soft Body Armor
Sizing Considerations for the Soft Body Armor

When you buy a piece of soft body armor, another thing that you have to consider is its size. The soft bullet proof body armor should exactly fit you so that you will feel comfortable. If the body armor is very big for your body, it might appear very bulky and you might not be able to conceal it. If it is very small for you, it might restrict your breathing and it will make you extremely uncomfortable. Thus, you have to choose perfect fit for you comfort.


One sizing consideration is the width of the soft body armor. Generally, the soft bullet proof vest is cut across the chest so that it will provide comfort for the user. But, the cut should not be very wide. The cut actually depends on your body type. If you have a broad body, then you have to consider the wider soft bullet proof body armors. If your body is narrow and petite, then you have to choose a narrow vest.


 You should also consider the length of the body armor. It should not be too long, and not too short. The ideal soft body armor has a length that will touch the belt of the user. It should not go below the belt, and not be too far from the belt. If the body armor is too short or too long, it will bend when you sit down causing you discomfort. Before buying the soft bullet proof body armor, try wearing it first to ensure that you have the correct measurement.

To ensure that the soft body armor that you will be buying has the correct size, you can ask the manufacturer to take your measurements first before they will create one for you. Allow them to measure your chest width and your upper body length. That way, the soft body armor for you will exactly fit your body.